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Finding Dory Animation movie have been a couple of weeks with the revved network asking for a bride to Elsa and this year both productions as the general public begin to discover that when receiving representation in the media, the LGBT community has him touched the short straw. But it seems that we will be able to see a lesbian couple in a Disney film before we thought, because the second trailer! It has just been released and has surprised us with images of a couple of girls.


This is the Watch Finding Dory Full Movie Online first gay couple out on a Disney pelĂ­culade precisely Frozen has that merit, but it seems that the company starts to give a little more freedom in presenting diversity and different stories in his films. Although it is also true that both in Frozen and!, The characters seem to be incidental and are set in such a way that may go unnoticed perfectly for a viewer who is not as attentive as Matthew Gottula who was the first to realize.

Come on, it is impossible to ensure that it is a lesbian couple, despite appearances and not leave enough (at least so it seems in the trailer) and so it can be a problem.

It would certainly be an interesting start. Maybe not what we expected but a step towards that lesbian character in a Disney movie. That and it would always be another project in which Ellen Degeneres to advance somehow involved lesbian visibility. What do you think? They are a lesbian couple or we would have imagined?

The reappearance of Dory, that adorable fish that won us Finding Nemo with his maddening lack of memory and so bright phrases like "Cool, I wish I spoke cetacean", has been completely overshadowed by the rumors that we could be facing the first lesbian couple the universe created by Disney Pixar. A historical fact that, if confirmed, comes just when organizations like GLAAD, Gay and Lesbian Alliance, harshly criticized the absence of homosexual representation in any of the eleven films that launched last year.

It is true that the participation of Ellen DeGeneres, whose voice will play the intrepid Dory, and woke the euphoria of users, but nothing comparable to this possibility. Because, as he wrote feminist activist Alexis Isabel Moncada on the website of MTV, "the entertainment industry has made girls fall in love with us from beasts, they show us ogres fall in love with humans and even older women who love bees. But never they have been able to see the purity of a homosexual relationship. "


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